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karastan carpet

Karastan Carpet – At Allen, TX Carpet & Flooring Store ONLY!

NATIONAL KARASTAN MONTH – until November 2, 2020

karastan carpet allen texas

  • Lowest Prices of the Season on Karastan LuxeCraft Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • Lowest Prices of the Season on BelleLuxe Hardwood


Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Allen – Karastan Dealer in Allen, TX

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Between Stacy Furniture and Yard Art

111 Central Expy S #119

Allen, TX 75013

(214) 383-1144

483C+PF Allen, Texas


It’s never been about a single pattern or trend. Karastan rugs and carpets are crafted to be timeless pieces that fit perfectly within your home. With inspired designs, flawless craftsmanship, and long-lasting materials, Karastan is made for a life lived beautifully.


Inspired By The World

Our creative process starts with travel. Karastan designers seek inspiration through tradition, works of art, nature, and modern life. These experiences result in intricate patterns, dramatic color variations, impressive textures, and bold tones—all designed to evolve and withstand the pressures of time.

From The Hands Of Artisans

Karastan carpets and rugs go beyond beautiful. Our artisans, averaging 30 years of experience, add their own personal touch to every piece. With handcrafted care, each product is thoughtfully inspected and checked for imperfections. Your home can trust Karastan’s 90 years of experience weaving rugs and carpets, produced right here in the United States.

Built To Live & Grow With You

Craftsmanship is just the beginning. With only the most premium materials, Karastan rugs and carpets are made to last for generations. Discover the innovation behind SmartStrand®synthetic fibers, the natural durability of New Zealand wool, and the stain resistance of nylon with ScotchguardTM.



For more than 90 years, the Karastan brand has been synonymous with luxury carpet and rugs. Now allow us to introduce you to our very first luxury wood-look flooring collections, BelleLuxe and LuxeCraft.


With four collections to choose from, BelleLuxe offers livable, luxurious hardwood in a variety of gorgeous styles that showcase the very best of what nature has to offer, such as European oak and maple trees.

Born From Nature’s Best. Crafted to Elevate Any Room.
We source majestic European oak and maple trees – used by master barrel-makers, papermakers, and craftsmen of the world’s finest stringed instruments – to give life to a stunning new collection of floors. Like the craftsmen before us, we honor every knot, split, and streak of each tree to create a new standard of luxurious hardwood. So you can live beautifully.

Ashmore & Chevreaux Oak

In the tradition of French winemakers, we source French oak from the Forest of Tronçais. Medullary rays and tight grain patterns make the oak equally ideal for storing wine and crafting hardy floors.

Villa Pointe Maple

Some of the world’s finest stringed instruments feature European maple, which creates a unique resonance due to its compact grain pattern.

Worthington Oak

Like handcrafted papermakers of old, our finders scour European forests for oak trees where consistent springtime temperatures produce smaller rings and cleaner grain patterns.


Available in three collections, LuxeCraft offers gorgeous wood-look flooring inspired by some of the world’s most rare and beautiful materials, including naturally aged and weathered wood that could not be crafted into floors…until now.

Introducing Nature’s Most Beautiful Finds. Revitalized for Modern Living.
Our finders scour the globe for the rare and beautiful, taking inspiration from century-old sunken logs, weathered barnwood, and early 19th-century Appalachian timber. They meticulously capture nature’s imperfections and recreate them. Make them better. Give them a multilayer construction that resists water, scratches, and dents. And design them to live beautifully for generations to come.

Curated Grain

Hardwood salvaged from a historic Alabama home; old-growth white oak with an open grain that harks back to a bygone era; barnwood with a century’s worth of hard work, sweat, and tears imprinted in the grains.

Refined Forest

Weathered fences that have stood defiant through hundreds of changing seasons; softwood cypress that exudes elegance from every ring and cathedral; hickory marked by brilliant mineral streaking and grain patterning.

Treasured Grove

Logs that have slumbered for centuries in the mineral-rich waters of the Great Lakes; fallen old-growth trees remarkably shielded from the elements; vintage barn beams weathered to perfection by years of rain, wind, and sunshine.

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